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New Nevada Art Gallery Creates Opportunity For Nevada Artists


Established and undiscovered Nevada artists rejoiced this month when Rising Sun Gallery & Art Studios opened its doors in Fallon Nevada. The gallery which was started by Patricia & Patrick Sammons will provide artists who live in Fallon and the Reno area with an opportunity to show their artwork to art lovers and art buyers in the area.

Not Just a Typical Nevada Gallery

Besides being a great venue for Nevada artists to display their artwork, Rising Sun Gallery & Art Studios is also a destination for anyone who wants to take art classes like drawing & perspective, acrylics, mixed media collage and more. Besides offering great art classes, Rising Sun Gallery will also offer modern dance classes, flower arranging and children’s art classes.

Rising Sun Gallery & Art Studios is located right next door to Jeff’s Copy at 203 South Main Street in Fallon Nevada. If you don’t know how to get there click here for directions.

The Art Oasis of Nevada

If you’re ever driving through Nevada on your way to visit Las Vegas art galleries or Reno art galleries you owe it to yourself to stop by Fallon Nevada and visit Rising Sun Gallery & Art Studios to experience the art oasis of Nevada.

For many years southwestern artists, painters, sculptors and water colorists have been quietly living in Fallon Nevada capturing rural life, desert landscapes, still life and portraits. All of the rich artwork that has been created by Fallon area artists is now on display at Rising Sun Nevada art gallery and it’s garnering the attention of art lovers and art buyers in New York, Chicago and Paris.

Don’t wait until the artwork by the next Grandma Mosses, Georgia O’Keefe or Jackson Pollack passes you by. Rising Sun Gallery & Art Studios features artwork for the 21st Century; that will soon appear in Reno Nevada art galleries and the rest of the world.

Occupy Movement News – Learn how the Occupy Movement is changing the world


The Occupy Movement took their protests to a new level this week as people were spotted at various occupy events around the world with signs and placards protesting any talk of the United States going to war with Iran.

At one recent protest that was held in front of the Washington Convention Center dozens of protestors were spotted with signs that said: “They lied about Iraq, now they are lying about Iran”.

Medea Benjamin, one of the protestors at the Washington DC occupy event echoed the sentiment of the average American when he advocated diplomacy with Iran instead of military intervention.

Renewed Pressure on President Obama

Another positive side of the Occupy Protests is that the “occupiers” as they are known by the Republicans are renewing their pressure on President Obama to do something about Israel’s desire to go to war with Iran.

As of March 2012 Obama still stands by Israel like other United States Presidents and has said that he has “Israel’s Back” if war were to break out in the region.

No Longer Just Protesting Corporate Greed

The Occupy Movement started in 2011 to give American’s a voice against the corporate greed that had been taking place regularly in corporations around the country over the last five years. Thanks to former corporate “figureheads” like Bernard Madoff, who quickly fell from grace, more and more Americans were sick and tired of seeing reports on the nightly news about another company losing its investors’ money or running away with government bailout funds.

We Are The 99%

The key slogan of the Occupy Movement that many protestors latched onto in 2011 was “we are the 99%”. This slogan stands for the percentage of Americans who are hardworking, tax paying, middle class and unemployed, the backbone of the country. According to many economists, 1% of the richest families in the United States control the wealth in the country and they are also responsible for making decisions that affect the economy in the United States.

Thanks to the Occupy Movement more and more average people have an opportunity to have their say when it comes to corporate greed and become political activists instead of continuing to be armchair commentators whenever they watch the news.

Hopefully the Occupy Movement will continue to be a force in American politics for years to come, get more people to think for themselves and foster positive change in the United States.

Life with Picasso – Every artist should read this art book


If you ask any artist the top art books that they read while going to school, you will get a wide variety of responses but as for me my favorite art book that I still enjoy reading every few years is Life with Picasso by Françoise Gilot.

The Authority on Picasso?

Francoise Gilot should be considered the foremost Picasso expert since she spent eight years of her life with him and bore two of his children. Who else can claim to have known Picasso so intimately than Françoise?

The book starts out when Gilot is a young girl towards the end of World War II when she meets Picasso while sitting in a restaurant with friends, Picasso, always the ladies’ man, hits on both young girls and invites them to his studio.

A few days later Francoise visits Picasso’s studio in Paris with her friend and they stay for hours as Picasso shows them his latest work. As they are leaving Picasso extends the invitation to Francoise to visit him again which she ultimately does and their “romance” blossoms, much to the disappointment of her parents.

Francoise Gilot with Picasso

Why Read This Book?

At the time that this book was written Francoise Gilot was said to have had a photographic memory and was able to remember almost everything she had done and said with Picasso during their relationship together.

This book also chronicles Picasso’s relationship with other artists like Henri Matisse and it gives the reader an intimate perspective into his technique and philosophies on art.

Surviving Picasso

Although it was largely panned when it was released in 1996, Surviving Picasso is one of the best depictions of Francoise Gilot’s book: Life with Picasso. Even though critics like Gilot and Picasso’s family hated this movie and called it inaccurate, the film does the story justice and it’s one of the best films about painting and art to come out in the last 20 years.

Thanks to the internet you can download Life with Picasso for free if you use an ereader like Barnes and Nobles Kindle or you can order if off

Surviving Picasso is also available for sale through Amazon and rental through Netflix.