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Help Me Move My Artwork Across The Country

Help Me Move My Artwork Across The Country

Many of you know my story that I’m an artist, husband and father of three beautiful girls ages 9, 7 and 3 years old.

My wife and I recently moved our family from Oregon to Central Texas, (Austin Texas area), with the hope of building a better life for our family in this part of the United States.

Like any family on a budget we had to prioritize and could only move the things that we use and would need when we got to our home in Texas. This meant that I had to leave all of my artwork in Oregon, along with large portion of our household items.

It’s been tough getting started in Texas due to several recent financial difficulties and I’ve not been able to afford to go back to Oregon to get my artwork and the rest of our household items out of storage.


To help me get my art out of storage (so I can start selling it in Texas) I just started a Go Fund Me Campaign.

If you decide to donate to my campaign I will give you one free piece of artwork from my collection.

View my art collection here:


I will be open to creating one custom oil pastel painting for you as well. This can be either a landscape, still life or special painting based on your idea.

If you’re interested in contributing to my campaign please

visit https://www.gofundme.com/move-my-artwork-across-the-country

All money from this campaign will be used by me to fly back to Oregon, get my artwork out of storage and drive a U Haul truck (with my artwork) back to Texas.

To learn more about this campaign please click on the link above, email me anytime or call (512) 333-2087.

Thanks for reading!

Jeremy Raglin



The Passion For Art Doesn’t Die

Fish School

Fish School

It’s 3:00 am on Saturday morning and after creating a new painting, I’m still awake buzzing with energy, creative energy that is. 🙂

Since turning 40 in May I’ve stayed productive and continued creating art in spite of growing kids, a great marriage and a good business because I love art and wouldn’t have the heart to stop painting or drawing no matter how old I get.


For me art literally is a form of time travel because I still feel the same inside like I did at 18 anytime I create art and now that I’m 40 I want to create even more but where does a busy dad with responsibilities fit the time to create art in?

The answer is to create smaller paintings and lately I’ve been knocking out art 8 1/2 x 11 in size, mostly on paper and it’s going great. I’ve even done some work in crayon too and had a great time.


Where to from here? Hopefully soon I can show a few paintings in a gallery somewhere and maybe even sell a few, who knows?